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Catch your childs eye problem early. Eye tests can be done from 3 but happy to see any age child if you are worried.

Eye Tests are fun for children. Ability to read letters not needed. During the games we play with them we detect lazy eye (amblyopia), squints. requirement for glasses and eye health problems. 

Our newest enterprise is myopia control. This is using special contact lenes to reduce the progression of myopia. We offer this for all short sighted children.




The Sight Test

 Regular eye examinations are extremely important for a number of reasons. This section outlines what's involved and why they are so important.  

Eye Examination What should I expect during my eye examination?

Refraction I usually check the vision first and work out your refraction and discuss with you whether new spectacles are required. I use a trial frame and lenses as this simulates everyday life better, in particular it makes it easier to judge reading and computer distances. I will discuss with you whether you would benefit from new spectacles and show you what difference a new prescription would make. The decision as to whether you purchase new spectacles is yours. 

 Internal and External Examination of your Eyes

To make sure your eyes are healthy I will always examine the front and back of your eyes using a slit lamp with a wolk lens. I now have an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) which takes 3-dimensional MRI type images of your retina. You can see the layers of your retina at a cellular level. This is useful in finding defects in the macula area which sometimes need treating. It also measures the thickness of the nerve layer round the optic disc, making it an early predictor of glaucoma. I do charge an additional £30 for using the OCT. 

 Intra-Ocular Pressures and Visual Fields

I use the latest equipment for visual fields and measuring your intra-ocular pressures. These tests are done on everyone over 40. Along with examination of your eyes they are important in glaucoma diagnosis.   

Binocular Vision Test Binocular Vision Tests

It is really important to check that small children have good binocular vision. If a squint is not picked up early the vision in the squinting eye can be permanently reduced. After 8 years old little improvement can be made so early diagnosis and treatment is vital. Older people have binocular vision problems sometimes and this can lead to double vision and uncomfortable vision. This can usually be corrected  by prisms in spectacles but investigation is necessary into the cause.





Eye Examination











Special Interests

Ocular Therapeutics

One of the major new developments in Optometry that has recently been  be introduced is a change in the law that allows Optometrists who have the appropriate qualifications to prescribe medications for non-sight threatening eye conditions.  I have now completed the necessary courses,  passed the exams am able to  prescribe ophthalmic drugs.

 Lacrimal Syringing

Many people have eyes that water excessively, especially on windy days. This can be due to excess tears being produced or poor drainage into the lacrimal duct. Alvin has introduced a lacrimal service whereby we analyse the cause of the tearing problem and where appropriate, syringe saline through the tear ducts. This can resolve mild problems and is also diagnostic as to whether further treatment would be beneficial.



I established Nethercott Opticians in 1985. My philosophy has always been to provide the highest standards of clinical care, whilst allowing plenty of time for individual attention. We have 3 optometrists. I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Alvin Ieong is here Thursday and Saturday morning. Melissa Patel is our Friday Optometrist.

In order to give a thorough eye test, we allow up to 45 minutes for each appointment, and have invested in some of the best available optical technology. We now offer Optical Coherence Tomography which takes a 3-D scan of the macula and optic nerve head which is useful for finding macula problems and early nerve changes from glaucoma. We are also able to prescribe and supply contact lenses. One unique feature of our practice is that Alvin and I are qualified as Independent prescribers, and Melissa is training for this. This enables us to run Emergency clinics every day and can prescribe ocular medications.

Being located in a small village, our overheads are low by comparison with the larger High Street Opticians. We are therefore are able to be extremely competitive in all our pricing, whilst offering the latest designer eyewear.

The large premises have allowed space to include other medical practitioners who share my ideals for high standards of patient care. We now have a Podiatrist, Dietitian, Acupuncturist and Hearing Aid Consultant working with us. Introductions to these practitioners can be found in the menu above.

Feel free to call us on 01737 813600 or call in to the Practice at any time.

Sally Nethercott

Our Team

Sally Nethercott

 Optometrist / Owner -  Sally Nethercott MSc. FCOptom. Dip Tp(IP).

I set up the Practice in 1985, shortly after moving  to Tadworth.  As many of my long standing patients will remember, I started the Practice in our house so that I could also look after my young children. In 1997, we moved into premises recently vacated by the NatWest Bank, and have not looked back since!

My philosophy is to provide the highest standards of clinical care, whilst allowing plenty of time for individual attention.   I have invested in some of the best available optical technology, and have also kept my own knowledge and skills up to date through continuing professional education.  In 2005 I was awarded an MSc in Clinical Optometry. In 2012 I was awarded a Diploma in Therapeutics so I can now prescribe drugs for eyes within guidelines set by the College of Optometry. 


 Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitter, Chris Bourton FBDO CL


Chris brings a wealth of experience to our Practice from a number of jobs as Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens fitter. We are lucky that he has agreed to come and work with us. His chief role is dispensing glasses, fitting and aftercare of glasses. He is qualified as a contact lens fitter and so will also take on some contact lens patients.

  Alvin Ieong

 Optometrist - Alvin Ieong MSc. MCOptom. Dip Tp(IP). ProfCertGlau

Alvin is a principal optometrist  at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and glaucoma clinic lead at St Georges Hospital Tooting. His current clinics include glaucoma, Lasik/refractive surgery, paediatrics, medical contact lens and casualty. He performs a  laser list inclusive of capsulotomy after cataract surgery,  laser iridotomy and selective laser trabeculoplasty for glaucoma treatment at St Georges Hospital.

He has supervised pre-registration students since qualifying in 1995 and has several publications in peer reviewed ophthalmology journals.

He enjoys spending his Thursdays giving our patients very comprehensive eye examinations and performing lacrimal syringing on those patients with problematic watery eyes. His appointments are now much in demand.


 Sarah Gingell

Sarah is our part time dispensing optician. She works Mondays and alternative Saturdays. Sarah is a well respected member of our team and very popular with the patients.



 Karen Walsh

 Karen Walsh

Karen works Monday to Wednesdays on Reception. When she is on duty, the practice runs seamlessly and she makes life very easy for the practitioners and pleasant for the patients.  

 Jackie Cook

Jackie has been with us several year. She has lots of enthusiasm, good humour and has become a great member of the team. She is very knowledgable on the running of the practice and works with us on a Thursday and Friday.




 Dima Pak 

Dima has recently joined us to work Saturdays. He has been welcomed by the whole team as he is a really fast learner and a pleasure to have in the Practice.

Ken Nethercott

 Ken Nethercott MBE

Ken, (my father-in-law) has been with us for many. His job with us follows a career in the Royal Navy, from which he retired as a Lt Commander, MBE. He is known to some of our patients as "The Admiral".

Summer is now here.  Time to think about sunglasses for your holiday. We have our usual large range of sunglasses. Our premier range is the Maui Jim collection which has unique glare protection and vibrant colour enhancement. We also have the high fashion lines topped by Christian Dior and Fendi in addition to a number of cheaper ranges.