It is very important that children have their eyes checked by about 3 years old, as early detection of lazy eye is essential for effective treatment. A lazy  eye  or amblyopia can develop if a child develops a squint or if the eyes have a markedly different prescription. There is plasticity in the visual system until about 8 years old. Treatment has to be done before then. After this age a lazy eye has a limited chance to improve. 

Myopia or short sight  affects quite a large number of older children and teenagers, probably due to the large amount of close work they are required to do. Spectacles or contact lenses can be used to correct this.  

We have a computerised test chart so if children are not familiar with capital letters We can do a picture test or use a letter matching technique. Above all we make sure the test is fun so the children enjoy their visit. We like parents to sit in with their child so they can then really understand about their child's eyes. Siblings on the other hand are a distraction for the child having a sight test.


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