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Vision Aid Overseas is a UK charity dedicated to helping people in the developing world whose lives are blighted by poor eye sight, particularly in those cases where spectacles can help.

I have been to both Uganda and Zambia with Vision Aid Overseas.  The  projects with  which I have been involved so far  are  direct  services projects where we  take lots of  spectacles out, examine eyes of the local people as required and supply them with suitable spectacles. They are immensly rewarding as  often we can make a real difference.  In some parts of Africa VAO runs teaching projects so that nurses can learn basic refraction and workshops are  established. This is the most satisfactory method as it leads to self-sufficiency.

At  the  practice we collect good quality used spectacles and in particular money for Vision Aid Overseas.  For further information please see 

TWOAT,  Tadworth & Walton Oversaes Aid TrustTadworth & Walton Oversaes Aid Trust
TWOAT is my favourite charity as the relatively small amount of money we raise transforms the lives of a  lot of very needy people. We choose projects with which one of the committee members has some connection or direct knowledge and keep in close contact with the project both so we can address quickly any sudden requirement for aid and to check that money donated is being used effectively. Every penny donated goes straight to a project and all expenses are covered by committee members. We support about 20 projects at the moment, including the sponsorship of a little boy, Andrew Gumbo who goes to school in the Rainbow Africa Centre in Livingstone, Zambia where I have been based on our 2 Vision Aid Overseas projects. To find out more about TWOAT see their website: 

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